Structura-X is a community project driven by more than 30 companies to:

 Gaia-X compliant infrastructure services
by an
ecosystem of federated providers
realizing a
choice of interoperability, portability and sovereign services
as a foundation for
Data Spaces and Gaia-X Lighthouse projects

Structura-X marks an important milestone in the evolution of Gaia-X, aiming to realize the first example of a Federation of Infrastructures.

Ulrich Ahle
CEO, Gaia-X

Structura-X at the Gaia-X Summit 2023

Structura-X is a Gaia-X lighthouse project and will be present on 09th/10th of November with a booth where we’ll explain our mission and the Structura-X roadmap. You can learn how to become participant of Gaia-X ecosystem and where Structura-X can help you in the process.